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Wall of Shame

Because when you spend a lot of time in the insectary, things happen.

You know how they tell you not to name stray dogs you can't keep because it'll traumatize you? Well, apparently this is not the same thing as naming mosquitoes you'll eventually freeze to death. Thus, we give you a gallery of the mosquitoes that have taken gluttony to a whole new level.


Wall of Mosquito Shame: Overview


Peggy not only over-ate, but she then started to... Well, you see. Full disclosure: we all giggled.



Just why, girl?



We were in a graveyard looking for mosquitoes. We found... this. And.. I have questions.



Bertha blood fed (engorged) and then drank all the salvation fluid. This is not good for your cholesterol, Bertha.

Wall of Mosquito Shame: Research

This is what will make me famous.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: the mosquito poot

Wall of Mosquito Shame: Video

Just a swingin'

Because this is 100% what normal people do.

Wall of Mosquito Shame: Video
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