The Xofferson Lab

Science hard. Play hard.


Dr. Rebecca C. Christofferson

Born and raised in Louisiana, so when it comes to football, I bleed purple and gold (Geaux Tigers!).  I received my PhD from Louisiana State University and, because either I'm like gum on a shoe or I do good work (you decide), they decided to keep me around.  I'm currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathobiological Sciences at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine.

I like to ask questions about mosquito-borne virus systems that takes me from immunology to field work and all the stops in between.

Lab spirit animal: Llama

E. Handly Mayton

Handly started as an undergraduate student worker in the lab where I was a post-doc. Then I stole her away as my lab as a tech. Then I lured her to the dark side as a graduate student. She's interested in viral genetics, and what that exactly means for her is still in process. This is the part of mentoring I love: watching little bubbles of ideas turn into really cool projects and papers, because I do have expectations.

Here you'll see Handly in her natural habitat: a lab box. 

Her lab interests include dynamics of co-infection and how to "make better things." You'll have to read her papers to define "things."

Lab spirit animal: Sloth (unrelated to work ethic).


Christine Smith Walsh

Christine (she's the one on the left) never thought she'd love mosquito babies as much as she does. She's currently looking in to etiologies of febrile illness in a clinical cohort.

Lab spirit animal: Squirrel.

Lab Alumni:

Fausta Dutuze (unicorn)

Joshua Macaluso (penguin)

Patrick O'Dell (Aye aye)

Ryan Tramonte (tapir) 

Ania Kawiecki, Kelly Thompson


Lab Spouses

My lab is made of old married people. This is awesome because that means when I plan lab social events that start at like 3 pm, nobody judges me. 

Anyway, to our lab spouses - thanks for all you do!