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Science hard. Play hard.


I like to throw wrenches in things. So I take processes that are important for transmission, ruffle it up a bit, and see what comes out in the wash. I do this in the context of the transmission system of mosquito-transmitted viruses, such as Zika, dengue, chikungunya, the occasional West Nile, and some Bunyaviruses.

Also, I go get mosquitoes from graveyards. Because graveyards are awesome.

Mouse XYZ 2016-7_Epididymis_IHC_10x copy


We work with a number of viruses, including flaviviruses, alphaviruses, and bunyavirus.

We investigate these viruses all the way from cell culture to mouse studies (that picture is ZIKV in a mouse testicle - you're welcome) to mosquitoes (lots of mosquitoes) to field and epidemiological studies. 

The puzzle of these viruses and how they spread is my Rubik's cube.

One Health

One Health is the concept that human, animal, and environmental health are all connected. To optimize one, you have to optimize the other two. 

We try to think of everything we do in the context of One Health and the bigger picture. 


Data Are

We like math. We like statistics. We loves data, precious.

We take lab data and think "what's a new and (dare I say) improved way to look at the data?" And then magic happens. 

I didn't have a picture of "data" so here's a dust ball I dug out of the grill of our environmental chamber that I put google eyes on. As you do.

Crazy cat lab

We love fluffy things. Llamas, sheep, cats, etc. This is Autumn watching a PBS special on mosquitoes.

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